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We work together in your best interests to fairly and equitably divide marital assets and property. When justified, I work to obtain spousal support or to get some or all of your attorney’s fees paid. If you have minor children, I’ll do everything I legitimately am able to do to ensure that the children’s best interests are protected along with yours, and to secure a fair determination of your parenting time and their child support payments.

Family Law (Custody, Parenting Time, and Support Matters)

This includes unmarried couples with children, custody and parenting time, and support issues. We’ll work together in the best interests of the children to make sure that they have enough resources as they grow, and so that you will continue to be an important part of their lives.

Criminal Defense

My job is to keep you out of jail and in the workforce. I investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest, and will challenge the authorities if they haven’t played by the law or rules. I will aggressively negotiate pleas as appropriate. We will also develop a plan to make sure things like this never again happen to you.

OWI / DUI (Drunk Driving)

My job is to keep you out of jail whenever possible, a more difficult task in these days of increasing penalties. I’ll investigate the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop and your arrest. When it’s appropriate, I will challenge the authorities and the tools and methods they use to determine who is considered a drunk driver. I will aggressively negotiate pleas and terms of Probation. And we will also work together to develop a plan you can use to prevent you from being involved in a situation like this again.


Far more often than not, a life-changing event like a job loss, an illness, a divorce, or a death in the family can cause people to be over their heads financially. Sometimes it’s just a matter of not being able to juggle the bills any longer. Whatever the cause, you need help to determine whether bankruptcy is appropriate for you and, if so, whether liquidation or a long-term repayment plan is in your best interests. We’ll meet and discuss your overall financial picture, what it means to file for bankruptcy protection, what you can expect during the course of a bankruptcy proceeding, and whether debt renegotiation is more feasible. If you end up filing, we’ll also work together so that when you get your fresh start after your discharge from bankruptcy, you’ll be far less likely ever to be in that predicament again.


The ink was barely dry on my Certificate to practice law when I handled my first courtroom matter. Even after more than 28 years in practice, I still truly enjoy and have a passion for being in Court. Whether your matter involves complicated commercial litigation, a beef with a contractor, a personal injury, a contract in need of interpretation, the collection of a debt, or some other personal or commercial dispute, you need an experienced attorney who knows the rules of the court and evidence to prepare and present your case. I’ll sit down with you to identify the issues involved, explain the litigation process in whatever court we’ll be suing in, and what you can expect as the case progresses. When appropriate, I’ll recommend alternative dispute resolution – going to mediation, facilitation, arbitration, or something else – to avoid the time and expense of trial. And you can expect that if the matter does go to trial, I’ll be thoroughly prepared to argue your case.

Driver’s License Restoration

Driving is a privilege, not a right. So if you have lost your license for any reason – drunk driving, drugged driving, misdemeanor convictions, whatever – talk to me to see if, first, you are eligible to restore your driving privileges. If you are, we will work together to identify persons who can vouch for you and tell the hearing officer how you have changed from the time you lost your license. I know what the hearing officers look for and what they expect to have presented in support of your request. Don’t go to the Driver’s License Appellate Division alone.


Estate Matters (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts)

Everyone needs an estate plan. If you don’t make one for yourself, the State of Michigan will be more than happy to make for you. Most people don’t want to give that kind of control to the State. So even though these matters may be uncomfortable to talk about, I’ll work with you to prepare an estate plan that meets your needs and accomplishes your objectives.


For any number of reasons, many people fear Probate Court. I don’t. If you have a family member or friend who can’t make personal or financial decisions for themselves and they didn’t give power of attorney beforehand, a guardianship (over their person) or a conservatorship (over their finances) may be in their best interests. And if you have someone who died holding property and assets in their name, whether or not they have a will, Probate Court is the place their estate gets sorted out. You’ll need someone familiar with the procedures, forms, and rules of the Probate Court to help you through what can often be a confusing place, especially considering the emotions that these matters can involve.

Real Estate

Contracts involving property must be written down, or under the law they are difficult (if not impossible) to enforce. If you’re buying or renting a home, office, vacation place, or any other piece of land, you should have an attorney who is used to reducing the legalese often found in these contracts to plain English. Or if you want to sell a piece of real property, you’ll want a contract that reads plainly so that there are no misunderstandings. I have negotiated numerous personal and commercial sales, leases, and land contracts, and will be happy to help you sort through the issues included in your real estate matters. And if court proceedings are involved or become necessary, I will represent and guide you through those as well.

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